What’s your attachment to life on Earth?

Before I answer this question, I’d like you to think of yours. What’s your attachment to life on Earth? Some may say it’s their family, their loved ones. Maybe even their possessions or achievements; their past and memories. What is it for you? For years now, I’ve been walking a path that not too many dare to. This path is the path of my teachers; the Way of Nature. This path is the same that leads every connecting road onto One. And I, have come from those many roads. One of these being,

What You Need to Know About Sakura-Con 2018

Starting next weekend is the annual Sakura-Con! Attracting over 23,000 members last year, they expect more than 25K to attend this year. The convention will be held at The Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle, Washington. Here are the attending dates and times: Pre-registration is closed already but you can get your membership/tickets at the door for $80. If you have already registered, you can pick up your badges at the Conference Center. All adults must have a valid go

Batman Ninja Release Next Month

For all you comic and anime lovers out there, this one's for you. the rumors are as true as you know them to be; Batman Ninja is here (well, almost) Being digitally released April 24th, this Warner Bros. DC production takes the infamous Batman on a trip. And of course by trip and none other than our psychotic But when Batman no longer has his super dope mechs to defend with, he instead relies on his skill and allies to put a stop on history's lethal fate. In this artistically animated mov

Stop Ignoring Latinas In Literature

Failing to mention Latina writers in Literature not only drowns out the female voice, but it completely eradicates it. Not much is said about Latinas in literature. Perhaps because the opinion of so many is that these escritoras just don’t compare to their male counterparts. But while some may think this, I beg to differ. Having had this conversation, it’s become obvious to me that Latina writers simply aren’t as well known as Latino writers. Unlike Latino writers, those who are familiar with

You may be making the BIGGEST business mistake

Through my research in marketing and advertising, I’ve learned a lot when it comes to reaching the people. While trying to dip my feet in the entertainment and business industry, I’ve met many people along the way. Some which to my surprise, are making a HUGE mistake when it comes to promoting whatever they’re selling, be it music or a product. In this day and age, everyone’s mother and child are on social media. Maybe not you, but your customers are. If you’re an upcoming artist or just st